This our story...

...and we're sticking to it.

Joe Fournier, founder and owner of A&C GROCERY, is a native Mainer. Growing up on the mean streets of Munjoy Hill, he eventually found his way to New York City. It was in the kitchens of Gotham that he cut his teeth and earned his stripes. Spatula and tongs in hand, he would later embark on a three year battle cooking through some of Boston's best kitchens. After a decade "away" he came to his senses and moved back home to Maine.

Joe retired from restaurant kitchens in 2008. He spent the better part of the next five years as a swashbuckling provocateur of local agriculture. In 2014, he opened the award winning The Farm Stand in South Portland. In 2017, back on his home turf of Munjoy Hill, A&C GROCERY opened.